watermelon dodgeball.

melon to your face.


In 1960, Gary and Larry were sitting on the bench watching their classmates play a game of kickball. Gary had gotten kicked out of the game for intentionally kicking a ball directly into his sister’s clavicle, while Larry sat out with a bloody nose. Gary remembered the time where his sister threw watermelon at his scully game and defended himself by saying it was revenge. Larry chimed in by saying he wished that he could throw a whole watermelon at his Father’s face. It was then that the idea of Watermelon dodgeball was born. Larry and Gary schemed to make a game that was appealing to only the most elite of athletes, a game where they could get revenge and approval at the same time. They would be killing two aggressions with one fruit.


Gerald Harold Gohl

Gerald Harold Gohl, born March 23, 1942 in the small town of Zionsville Indiana, is the co-inventor of Watermelon Dodgeball.  As the son of a farmer, Gerald, or Gary as his friends and family called him, spent many days in the field helping to run the family business. Father Norman Gohl taught Gary the importance of agriculture and hard work. One day while in the barn playing Scully (a game played in urban areas by tossing caps onto designated squares marked on the ground with chalk) his sister threw a piece of watermelon at the scully board in anger. It was then that Gohl had the idea to turn his strenuous labors of the farm  into an activity that he and his friends could enjoy… but what?


Lawrence Bernard Rifenberg

Lawrence Bernard Rifenberg, born February 19, 1942 in Plainfield Indiana, is known for his crucial role in the invention of Watermelon Dodgeball. Lawrence, who went by Larry,  moved to Zionsville when he was 12-years-old. Son of Melvin Rifenberg, most feared P.E. teacher at Generic High, Larry had a lot expectations to live up to in regards to athleticism. Unfortunately Larry took after his mother Dolores who had a small build and  hand-eye coordination comparable to a blind man in a straight jacket. Larry vowed to make up a sport that he could participate in to win his father’s approval while also seeking revenge on the jock-bullies.



Left and right arrow keys or WASD to move. Don't get a melon to your face or you will lose! The game gets harder as you go on. Good luck!


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